Safety rules for children

Basic safety rules for children The topic of child safety and knowledge of safety rules is always important, so we always remind you about it:

Attention Danger!

  • In case of danger, try to attract the attention of adults by calling them for help and run to the nearest safe place.
  • Call your parents immediately or ask the police or a trusted adult for help.
  • Scream loudly for help


  • don’t panic and don’t go anywhere (for a while), probably your parents will be looking for you!
  • If there are many people around, go out into the open so that you can be seen clearly.
  • Ask adults for help. first of all, to a police officer in the uniform of a salesperson in a store, a person on duty at a subway station, a security officer in uniform in a shopping center, a dispatcher or a station cashier to a person (preferably with a child) who inspires trust.

An explosive is not a toy.

  • Be careful with unfamiliar objects (packages, cans, bottles), because they may contain poisonous substances.
  • Do not open them and do not throw them into fire or water, do not take them home or to school.
  • Report suspicious items to adults

Left alone at home?!

  • When you are alone at home, do not open the door to strangers or people you don’t know very well.
  • When asked about the presence of parents, answer that they are at home.
  • If they try to open the door, call 102 and call the police, giving the exact address.
  • After that, call the neighbors if you have their number, or call someone for help from the balcony or window.
  • Do not open the door for others.


  • If you feel threatened, watched or stalked, you should go to the nearest store, post office, bank, other institution or ask an adult to walk you home, and call your parents

Your safety on the water

  • choose the right place for bathing;
  • strictly follow the rules of behavior when swimming and riding on watercraft;
  • when you are in the water you must be under adult supervision at all times.

Safe internet

  • do not trust unfamiliar people;
  • be careful about what information you post online;
  • do not make contact information and candid photos publicly available;
  • do not respond to messages and do not accept friend requests if they seem suspicious to you;
  • do not succumb to threats, blackmail and manipulation


If you or your friends or classmates have become victims of bullying, seek help:

  • To the school administration
  • To a juvenile prevention worker or a police officer whom you trust


  • To the National Children’s Hotline 0800 500 225 (free from landlines) or 116 111 (free from mobile)
  • To the special line 102

Traffic rules

  • Follow the traffic rules, always cross the street at a crosswalk or at a green traffic light.
    Preferably with parents, holding their hand.
  • Follow the rules on the road.

If you got into a critical situation. Immediately call “102”.

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