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Tactical Shoes
Tactical Shoes Tactical Shoes

Tactical Shoes Tactical Shoes


Tactical Shoes M-Tac Leopard II Summer Olive

The summer version of the Leopard versatile Tactical Shoes (sneaker). An excellent choice Ukrainian soldiers!

And for police officers, security agencies and emergency workers too.

This model has mesh inserts for improved ventilation.

Sneakers with a rubber sole with anti-oil coating and anti-slip tread are suitable for moving not only on asphalt but also on rough terrain.

The outsole is flexible enough to provide adequate cushioning when striding but firm enough to avoid the risk of foot injury when driving off-road.

The method of fixing the sole is vacuum-thermal. This means that it is not stitched at the point of attachment to the shoe,

thereby providing additional protection against moisture ingress.

Sneakers have reinforcement in the form of a frame insole with instep support, as well as an additional protective

layer of leather of 2.8 mm (double granite) on the toe and heel.